Amenities an important factor affecting buying decision

Amenities an important factor affecting buying decision

The demands of a modern homebuyer don't end with just the bare necessities. They are always looking for something extra in terms of amenities. A great property nestled in a desirable location should indeed be the priority. But, there are other things as well that should make that priority list. The quality of construction doesn't guarantee the success of a residential project. While quality is an irreplaceable aspect, there are additional facilities that developers can provide to gain a competitive edge. And that's exactly what Purvanchal has done with their latest luxury living project, Purvanchal Royal City.

Purvanchal Royal City in Noida features immaculately designed landscape with more greenery than most of the other projects around it. Greenspaces and perfectly landscaped societies are always more capable of catching the fancy of homebuyers. The urban public understands that green spaces are at a premium in cities where they live. So, when the opportunity of owning a home surrounded with green spaces knocks on the door, there is very little they can do to not pay attention. And greenspaces are always a great way to help occupants relax, unwind, and socialise - things that are usually missing from the lives of people in the metro cities.

Purvanchal Royal City has redefined luxury, which is not all about living a life of extravagance. It also is about the comfort and privilege of knowing that you and your family are completely safe inside the society premises. There is a multi-tier security system in place that includes security personnel, CCTV cameras all around, security alarms, and more. A safer place to live is capable of turning more heads in the right direction. Homebuyers are willing to compromise on most of the additional amenities but not at all with security. Purvanchal has always been committed to serving its customers in the best possible manner and with this new project, it has even outdone itself.

People living with their ageing parents want to make sure that they move into a home that has enough arrangements when it comes to helping their parents keep healthy and happy. And we are not just talking about the accessibility of healthcare services, we are also talking about amenities on-site. Purvanchal Royal City has a Senior Citizen Area & Health Zone - not many developers can boast of having such amenities in place for the elderly. With this dedicated space for the senior citizens, they can use it do yoga and meet people of their age group. This will not only help them maintain good health but also beat boredom. Other facilities that you get when you buy a home in Purvanchal Royal City include convenience shopping, power backup, fire fighting, external electrification, and many more.

The cities continue to grow more populous every passing day. The congestion is unreal, which is why many people are now looking to buy home in locations that are away from the city hustle and bustle. This is where Purvanchal Royal City distinguishes itself from the competition as it has plenty of open spaces and amenities to meet the leisure and social requirements of residents.