Club Royal: Making Life at Purvanchal Royal City Worth Epic

Club Royal: Making Life at Purvanchal Royal City Worth Epic

When prospective home buyers search for their dream home, they often prefer a gated, multifamily community to standalone homes, and for good reasons. Living in such a community is a unique experience in itself. Not only do you enjoy privacy and safety, but you also enjoy the amenities and shared resources that these communities are known to offer. Not to forget, they are often quiet because of limited access and no traffic, enabling residents to live peacefully and stress-free.††

When it comes to buying a home in a multifamily community in NCR, you have tons of options to choose from. However, not all communities offer the same living experience as homeowners expect of them. Very few of them stand true to the definition of multifamily communities. One of them is Purvanchal Royal City Phase II.

Why Purvanchal Royal City Phase II?

Nestled amidst the quiet, green stretches of Greater Noida, Purvanchal Royal City Phase II has been the talk of the town lately for the lavish lifestyle it promises residents. With luxurious apartments featuring high-end amenities, it speaks of royalty through its architecture, facilities, service, surroundings, and everything you can think of. One of the things that makes it highly deserving of attention and worth living in is its club, named Club Royale.†

Club Royale: The Jewel of Purvanchal Royal City Phase II

Club Royale is a shining example of what multifamily communities should be like. Itís the jewel of the community, accentuating its value and providing residents with opportunities to live life king size. Itís one of the largest resident clubs in NCR, comprising an indoor sports arena, meditation center, spa, sauna, mini plex, splendid rooftop swimming pool, senior citizen area, gym, and whatnot. The moment you step in Club Royale, you will sense the luxurious vibes it is suffused with ó at each step of the way.

The indoor sports arena in Club Royale allows you to blow off steam by engaging in your favorite activity, be it basketball, squash, or games like Chess or Carrom. There is also a tennis and badminton court in the community, which makes for a perfect spot to meet like-minded athletes while keeping yourself fit and healthy. The rooftop swimming pool is where the magic happens, especially during summer when beating the heating is the only thing residents can think of.††

Now imagine watching your favorite movie on the big screen now and then without spending hundreds of rupees on tickets. Seems truly magnificent, right? Well, the mini plex of Club Royale enables you and your family to do just that. This is perhaps the primary reason why more and more families are moving into the community since no community in NCR has a mini plex of its own.†

If you are searching for your dream home, itís best to settle in a community that not only makes you feel at home but also allows you to live a happy, healthy, and luxurious life. When it comes to doing that, Purvanchal Royal City Phase II is the one to go for.