Are Concierge Services and Convenience Stores an added advantage within a housing society ?

Are Concierge Services and Convenience Stores an added advantage within a housing society ?

Homebuyers today expect their homes as well as the housing society they are located in to be filled with amenities that can make their lives easier. And if you are a luxury home buyer, your expectations increase even more. So millennials would start looking for in a home things that can help them create a work-life balance. For real estate developers, this is a chance to gain competitive advantage. So what most developers are doing these days is add additional concierge services to help residents do more with their lives.

Another way that developers are attracting the attention of buyers is keeping space for a convenience store inside the housing society. We will attend to both these aspects separately and see how they can help developers appeal to homebuyers. Let's start with concierge services. The purpose of coming up with amenities like concierge offerings is give homebuyers something of an experiential experience of living in a housing society. From the buyers' standpoint, this is something that they can change their initial budget for.

You must have heard about concierge services a million times. They are a big part of the hospitality industry and they can be seen on airlines and luxury yachts as well. But with buyers getting choosier, developers have brought this added amenity to help residents with routine tasks, including laundry and ironing pick-up, grocery shopping, and package delivery at home amongst others.

Some other concierge service offerings that some of the best developers are offering include closet organisation and customisation, move-in coordination, apartment cleaning, special event planning and organising, pet and baby proofing, apartment set-up, entertainment management, 24/7 doorman, pet daycare, and more.

Now let us shift our focus to in-society convenience stores. Developers that provide this amenity to their residents help them purchase everything that they need on a daily basis at a store that is located a few hundred metres away. It is no wonder that homebuyers prefer buying a home in projects that have a convenience store.

A convenience store stocks every daily use item that you may need - from food products and dairy products to toiletries, cosmetic products, and more. A convenience store saves you from going to the grocery store that may be located a few kilometres away. The primary benefit of a convenience store is its location. If it isn't convenient to reach there, it isn't a convenience store. It should not be too far away even from farthest corner of a housing society. And the best part, prices of products available at a convenience store are not any different from those that you buy from grocery stores.

The logic behind providing concierge services and convenience store that most developers agree with is that they want to provide their residents with all the things they need to turn a building into a home. This is the hallmark of great developers like Purvanchal Group. If you want to experience the difference, you need to pay Purvanchal Royal City a visit.