Club Royale: The Crown of Purvanchal Royal City Phase II You Should Wear

Club Royale: The Crown of Purvanchal Royal City Phase II You Should Wear

Imagine living in a community where everything you need to live comfortably and happily is right next to you. Or perhaps, living your life as if you are on vacation, enjoying peaceful surroundings, and partaking in activities that rejuvenate your soul. 

Seems impossible, right? Not really, as Purvanchal Royal City Phase II has made it possible for residents to lead a life that most people can only imagine. 

Situated in Greater Noida, one of the most thoroughly planned cities in Uttar Pradesh, Purvanchal Royal City Phase II is a recently developed multi-family community that boasts not only a beautiful and serene surrounding but also amenities that make life simple, joyful, and comfortable. But that is not why so many people from around the nation are flocking to the city and buying properties in this community. Much of its popularity among homeowners and investors alike can be credited to its clubhouse, called the Club Royale, which is considered the crown of Purvanchal Royal City II. 

What does Club Royale Offer?

Club Royale is a world where luxury meets comfort. Known as the heart of Purvanchal Royal City Phase II, it is built on 1 lakh sq. ft. approx. It boasts everything you could ask for—from two Olympic-sized, crystal-clear, open-air swimming pools to a world-class, professionally maintained gymnasium spanning 4,000 sq. ft to a kid’s playing zone and a myriad of other amenities that are nowhere to be found. 

If you like to kick away stress or fatigue by enjoying a sport, Club Royal has Squash, Badminton, & Basketball Play Area just for you. For those inclined towards fitness and keeping themselves happy, its gym and fitness centre will never disappoint as it is even better than commercial gyms you would find outside. 

The community’s clubhouse also supports working parents, as it allows them to enrol their kids in its creche, which is equipped with highly-skilled and compassionate nannies who take care of every kid as their own. So, if you are a working parent, you will never have to worry about your kids at home and have peace of mind should you choose to live in Purvanchal Royal City Phase II.

Many people like to channel their energy and creativity through dance and music. The good news for them, Club Royale offers exceptional dance and music classes for everyone, conducted by renowned and trained choreographers and musicians. There is also a shopping centre for shopping fanatics, a lavish party hall, open-air jacuzzi, private mini plex, library, indoor games space, spa and much more. It wouldn’t be wrong to say the community’s clubhouse opens a world of comfort and convenience next door.

If you want to live life king size and are looking for a home, consider buying your first or next home in Purvanchal Royal City Phase II and make your dreams come true.