Four crucial documents to check while buying a ready-to-move-in flat

Four crucial documents to check while buying a ready-to-move-in flat

Who does not want to be the owner of a new home? The urgency becomes even more crucial when you live in a rented apartment for a considerably long span.

It becomes even more exciting when you manage to accumulate enough funds that would enable you to buy a new residential property in your chosen region.

But whether you are buying flats in Greater Noida or elsewhere, it is mandatory to check your steps before taking the final decision.

What we mean to indicate is that you need to check few documents carefully before taking the final decision regarding the purchase of a ready-to-move-in flat.

Here are four of the most important documents that need consideration.

The Building Plan

The first document that you need to check carefully is the building plan.

The realtor might promise you lots regarding the total area, carpet area and the layout of the residential property. But the authenticity of these claims can only be ascertained when you have the building plan in your hands.

Remember, this building plan needs to be accredited by certified agency in order to affirm that the proposed building plan stands true. Reputed Builders like Purvanchal always stand true to their commitment and this is why are one of the most trusted names among customers.

Completion and Occupancy Documents

You might fall into legal complications if the construction of the residential property does not adhere to the rules and regulations of the municipality and the local government.

Hence, it can only be ascertained that everything is legal if you have the completion document and the occupancy document right within your hands. For your further information, the completion document is issued by the local municipality, while the occupancy document is issued by the local government.

Besides legal residency rights, these documents also affirm that you will absolutely have no problem in getting the electric and water connection and sanitation facilities.

In addition, these documents also significant for availing loans and finances from banks and other accredited financial institutions for purchasing the house.

Therefore, you just cannot miss these documents at all. Developers like Purvanchal have for ages adhered by every law and this is what makes them one of the most preferred name among customers.

The Sale Deed

The sale deed is also among the most vital documents that need to be considered when you buy a property.

For your information, the sale deed is the document which confirms that the property has been legally sold and transferred by an agency or an individual to you and you are its legal heir from then on.

So, there should be no question of buying a property if you do not get a sale deed. Reputed builders like Purvanchal always prefer to maintain absolute transparency and this is why all their paperworks are always fool proof.

The mutation certificate

You also need to apply for the mutation and get your mutation certificate immediately after the purchase. This document ensures that in government records you are the legal owner of the property that you have purchased.

In addition, the mutation certificate also confirms your tax liabilities for the purchased property too. So, you just cannot miss out on this document.

So, be wise and buy wise.