How does a miniplex improve a residential project chances of being popular amongst buyers?

How does a miniplex improve a residential project chances of being popular amongst buyers?

There are several factors that drive homebuyers to decide in favour of a housing project over others. For most people, location of a project and amenities offered trump all the other factors. While for others, finding a property within their budget is the most important thing. However, things are starting to change, especially in the metro cities and the areas in and around those cities. Urban homebuyers are now looking for additional features within housing societies. In addition to evaluating the reputation of developers, loan and payment options available amongst other things, people have also started looking for the entertainment quotient in residential projects. And to be the preferred choice of property buyers, real estate developers have also started putting emphasis on including entertainment spaces and elements within their society complex.

The residential development concept in the modern world has gone beyond the traditional idea of having a spacious area with basic amenities to live. People now demand more. And the development of entertainment zones is the newest trend in the real estate market. In addition to a cafeteria, clubhouse, and lounge area, several real estate projects like Purvanchal Royal City in Greater Noida West also have a miniplex to add more weight to their claims of providing an entertainment-friendly living environment.

There are still only a few developers in Delhi NCR that are convinced about the feasibility of building a miniplex inside a housing society. The biggest reason for the disapproval or confusion is the initial cost of setting up a miniplex. That's a valid point but what they fail to realise is the number of people they can attract by adding a miniplex to their design plan. And the initial investment can even itself out in a very short span of time.

By setting up a miniplex inside a housing society, you are promising homebuyers of a multiplex experience without having to go anywhere. The decor, seat, and look all add up to the experience and facilitates optimised viewing. What developers have to decide in addition to the design, screen size, and total space of the miniplex is its seating capacity.

If they are too big, miniplexes lack the private and cosy feeling that they are built to create. So a smaller miniplex with a seating capacity of less than 100 is a good way to go. Another thing that can be done to better the experience is going for recliner chairs or comfortable sofas like multiplex lounges. Miniplexes can also function as interactive education platforms for kids.

Having a miniplex inside a housing society can prove to be a boon for its selling prospects. At a time when buyers are looking for more entertainment options inside their homes, a miniplex with comfortable seating can just prove to be the deal clincher.