How Living in Purvanchal Royal City Phase II Supports Career Growth

How Living in Purvanchal Royal City Phase II Supports Career Growth

When families look for a home, the first thing they often consider is the location. A property close to schools, hospitals, grocery stores, care centres, entertainment hubs, shopping malls, and places deemed necessary for ease of living makes for a perfect home. However, they often fail to realize that proximity to corporate hubs and workplaces is just as crucial as closeness to other things. 

Living close to corporate hubs has several benefits, the most prominent of all being better career opportunities and a growth trajectory. Other significant benefits are more time for families and things you love, less stress, low fuel costs, and many more. 

The link between workplace proximity and career growth

Imagine living 40 km away from your workplace—which is the case with people living in Delhi, Ghaziabad, and other suburbs—and spending two to three hours of your day commuting to and from work. Considering you spend 9 hours a day at work to meet your ends, the time spent commuting is a lot because you will have little to no time to be with your family and on yourself. This type of work schedule often leads to a hectic lifestyle, which is linked with more stress and less peace of mind. 

You may not know this, but high levels of stress reflect in your work performance in ways you can’t imagine. Not only will you struggle with productivity at work, but you will also be susceptible to making errors, which can be detrimental to your career. 

Now imagine living just 10 km away from work and spending as little as half an hour on your work commute. You will now be able to spend time with your nearest and dearest—the most cherished time for most people—and engage in things that keep you happy, be it a sport, creative activity, dancing, or any other. 

This will also mean that you will be stress-free and have much-needed peace of mind, which will have a tremendous impact on your work life. Your internal happiness will boost your mood at work, which will improve your productivity and performance. 

With great performance at work comes greater chances of promotion and career growth. Living close to corporate hubs also means that you will have better job opportunities in companies that many people dream of working in. However, it depends on where you are buying a home since not every location is close to big brands and companies. 

Where to buy a home in Delhi NCR?

While NCR has a lot of locations for homebuyers to consider, none stands out as perfectly as Purvanchal Royal City Phase II. Developed by Purvanchal Projects, this multi-family, high-rise community not only offers homeowners a chance to live life king size but also reduces workplace commute time for residents. It is also in proximity to major corporations, including Honda, Moserbaer, Pepsi, Yamaha, Asian Paints, and Wipro, to name a few. This not only offers better job opportunities to residents but also saves them a lot of time and money. 

So, if you are looking for a home in a location that is close to basic amenities, along with corporate offices, look no further and book yourself a home in Purvanchal Royal City Phase II.