Importance of Kids Day Care in Residential Projects

Importance of Kids Day Care in Residential Projects

We cannot deny the rapid development in the Noida Real Estate. It also witnesses the change in the trend, the quality of construction and most importantly the extra facilities or amenities provided by builders. Previously in any project you will see only buildings or a temple with a small sit-out. But now the things have changed and buyers have also changed. Just a decade back the Noida was majorly a destination for budget-friendly homes with the only important features being safety and scenic greenery. The scene has changed quickly as the education sector, automobile sector, Information Technology sector drove the city in fast pace. Today home buyers are coming to Noida to settle down and are buying home as per their requirements. With the increase in salary of an average person the lifestyle standards have gone up considerably. Now buyers want a home in a place that can give them and their family members a complete comfort, safety and pleasure. These requirements include a swimming pool, clubhouse, gymnasium, garden, kids Day Care, senior citizens area, jogging track, etc. Among these the kids day care is very important if you have small kids.

Just putting two to three learning instruments for kids is not enough as there are some other factors that can affect a buyers decision to buy the property. Like a full-fledged Pre-Primary level school with separate learning and playing area for kids, kids friendly instruments, soft flooring, safety and security are some of the factors which are very important in a project. There is a need to build separate areas for different age group kids. It is actually in favour of both the buyer as well as the developer to come up with such projects. Kids are the most important part of our lives and they fill our homes with joy. They are the ones with whom our dreams and hopes are associated. This is the reason every parent prefers a strong growth foundation for their kids, especially when it comes to their education. That is why we cannot ignore the importance of kids day care while buying our dream home.

Why kids day care is important for a buyer?

In past people usually had bigger families. So even if the parents were working there would be other family members to take care of the kids and their early education. But today most of the population are nuclear families living in apartments. Due to which taking care of small kids and giving proper attention to their early education and mental growth is a big hassle for working parents. This is why good child care services become a necessity. When you stay away from your kids for hours at a stretch, their safety is the one thing that you constantly question at the back of your mind. Many Residential Projects today have come up with a safe and secured solution for this. Proper Day Care facility like Purvanchal Royal City where they have gone one step ahead and built a proper Pre-Primary School named Kids Foundation.

Kids Foundation School is an initiative by the chairman and managing director of Purvanchal Group, Mr. Shah Alam. A preschool aimed at students holistic development. The goal of the school is to make learning fun so while kids do focus on academics, it goes hand-in-hand with extracurricular activities like dance, art and craft, and sports and games like wall climbing and basketball. The kids are also introduced to foreign languages like French and German. Day care facility with flexible timings is also available at Kids Foundation. Childrens health, safety and comfort are a top priority in the school, as kids are provided with healthy meals, comfortable beds, and warm, helpful teachers and nannies who help them with their homework. The facility is always under CCTV surveillance to make sure the little ones are safe and guarded. This school within the project premise makes Purvanchal Royal City a perfect choice for every home buyer as parents can be at ease that their children are studying and looked after in their own housing complex. Kids Foundation not only nurture little kids but also gives them the opportunity to meet other kids of their age, and learn while having fun that too safely. It boosts their social development as they do enjoy the area specially created for them. This is the reason why a home buyer would love to buy a property at Purvanchal Royal City that offers a proper school for their kids to learn and play in absolute safety and security.