Live Life King Size by Choosing Purvanchal Royal City as Your Home

Live Life King Size by Choosing Purvanchal Royal City as Your Home

Imagine living in a community where everything feels royal, so much that every day reminds you of going on vacation and adds a touch of luxury to your life. What if you could turn this imagination into a reality? Fortunately, it is possible, and the good news is you donít have to buy a home in Dubai or New York. Such a community is right hereóin one of the most meticulously planned cities in India, Greater Noida.†

Considered the best place to buy a home in Greater Noida, Purvanchal Royal City Phase II is doing rounds around Delhi NCR and beyond for offering an ultra-luxurious lifestyle to its residents without putting pressure on their budget. Built with luxury, comfort, and affordability in mind, itís a multi-family, high-rise community where everything holds a story to be told. Whether you look inside the apartment or watch its unique exterior, you will be mesmerized by its beauty and artistic characteristics.†

A Blend of Classic and Contemporary

Like its predecessor, Purvanchal Royal City Phase I, Phase II continues the legacy of the brand name by bringing a new era of luxury real estate construction that rests on the sturdy foundation of the brandís quality and commitment. Designed for royalty, the community is an abode for those who want to live life king size.†

Laden with greenery at each step and turn, you will love the serenity you will get when you sit near the graceful-tiled fountain built at the heart of the community. The fountain is where all the fun happens, especially when it comes to taking cool shots for Instagram and Facebook. As the night inches closer, the fountain lights create a jaw-dropping scene that draws eyeballs from all around. Plus, the lamp-lined pathway in the community is beautifully constructed with quality stones and tiles. As you walk on it, the greenery will mesmerize you and capture your soul.†

When Luxury Meets Affordability

For families to meet and spend time with their loved ones or other residents, there are gazebos located evenly in the community. The mere sight of the Venetian architecture of these gazebos is enough to make anyone fall in love with the communityís attention to detail and vision to make luxury affordable.

The communityís vision to bring a new era of real estate in the city, or perhaps in the country, can also be seen in its facilities. From the elevators that speak of the highest safety to the tennis and badminton court that beats most professional courts to the exterior, as well as the interior, of each apartment, everything is so royal that you would think buying an apartment in Purvanchal Royal City Phase II will drain all your fortunes. However, the truth is that buying a property in the community is within a medium familyís budget.†

So, if you are looking for a home in a prime location and a royal community, you better head to Purvanchal Royal City Phase II and book your apartment today.†