Looking to Buy a Property In Greater Noida? Buy it Now or Pay Thousands More Later

Looking to Buy a Property In Greater Noida? Buy it Now or Pay Thousands More Later

It’s often said that it’s never too late to buy a property, especially in the National Capital Region. But this scenario might change momentarily for homeowners and real estate investors considering buying real estate in Greater Noida. Why? Because properties in the city are going to be more expensive this August onwards. So, if you get late this time, you might end up paying a few thousand rupees or even lakhs more than you would if you buy it today or within a few weeks. 

The Greater Noida Authority announced this April that allotment rates of residential plots are expected to increase by 15-25% for FY 2022-23. This means every residential property, be it an apartment in a multi-family community or standalone home, directly or indirectly will be more costly on the pocket. It turns out that now is indeed the best time to invest in real estate in Greater Noida and save a good chunk of money. 

But the question is, where to buy real estate in Greater Noida?

Greater Noida receives several residential real estate projects each year. As the number of real estate projects increases in the city, more and more people are flocking here and buying properties to live in. However, not all real estate projects are good enough to raise and settle a family. Some are below average with prices too high to imagine, while others are decent projects with affordable prices but are located on the far side of the city. This makes homeowners and real estate investors wonder where to buy a dream home or next investment property. 

The good news is there is a real estate project that is not only affordable for most families but also located in proximity to the rest of NCR and offers everything families could ever ask for. The name of the project is Purvanchal Royal City Phase II, a recently developed but the most lauded multi-family community in Greater Noida. 

What makes Purvanchal Royal City a top choice?

Purvanchal Royal City speaks of luxury and convenience through its every brick. From its antique architecture to green landscape to sophisticated amenities to world-class security to surroundings, everything offers you a chance to live an ultra-lavish lifestyle. Talking about the ambience, it's peaceful and full of lush greenery, soothing the soul and helping residents be in touch with Mother Nature. There’s a beautifully designed pergola in the centre of the community, where people can meet and share laughs. Right next to the pergola is a fountain that is a true marvel and a treat to the eyes.  

When it comes to amenities and facilities, Purvanchal Royal City Phase II has technologically superior elevators, 24/7 power backup, no vehicular traffic, and top-notch security, all of which are monitored closely by its experienced and dedicated staff. It also has one of the largest residential clubs, featuring everything you need to live life king size. From a badminton court to a gym to a swimming pool to a mediation centre to its miniplex, you will enjoy your life to the fullest with facilities like these.

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