Why do we need a meditation centre inside a residential society?

Why do we need a meditation centre inside a residential society?

Most of the people complain about stress these days. The source of this stress could be anything from work and family to health, wealth, and other things. And the pandemic-induced lockdowns have made matters worse. People have had to spend a lot of time locked in their homes, and that could have a huge impact on their mental and emotional health. This is why most of the people looking to buy a home in a residential society are coming with a unique requirement, which not many developers are able to fulfill. They are looking for a home in a society that has a meditation centre.

Meditation is amongst the best ways to alleviate stress and ensure that the mind is always at peace, no matter what is happening around you. However, you can't practice meditation just anywhere. You need a calm and peaceful environment to fully focus your thoughts and think about nature and the great things that the Almighty has bestowed upon you. Meditation is all about channelling your inner energy towards positive things - those that make you happy. So, it is evident that it is figuratively impossible to meditate in your living room or bedroom. You need a separate space that is dedicated to meditation. That's where a meditation centre comes into the picture.

Unlike other builders in Delhi NCR, Purvanchal understands how important it is for people to have a place where they can peacefully meditate to beat the stress. This is the reason Purvanchal Royal City in Greater Noida has a separate meditation centre for all those people who know how effective meditation is and what it can do to their mental and emotional health.

Let us continue our discussion and see what a meditation should look and feel like. To begin with, a meditation room should be unlike any other room in the society. As it is a place for relaxation and tranquillity, it should be devoid of anything that can break the concentration of someone meditating. So, there is no place for a music system, television, computer, and other such equipment in the meditation room. The design of the room should be such that it encourages people to meditate.

Colours are also very important for creating the right environment for meditation. The best colours for the meditation centre should be those that bring calm. There should be no bright colours. Similarly, the lighting inside the meditation centre should have a calming effect on people coming to meditate. There should always be enough scope for natural light to enter this space. Candles can also be used.

The meditation centre shouldn't be cluttered. It shouldn't be filled with too many things. There shouldn't be any decorative item that can distract people. On the other hand, things that can have a relaxing effect, like fountains and ornamental plants, should be used. Extra care should be taken to ensure that good air quality is maintained inside the meditation room.

Other things that should be taken care of include aroma and relaxed seating. All these things will ensure that the environment is ideal for meditation.