Residential Real Estate – Know & Enjoy The Perks!

In the past of our country, landowners or the Zamindars held power and wealth, living at the apex of the communal structure. However, as time changed and equality became an indispensable thread in the fabric of our society; owning property became much easier. Now, with your hard work and acumen, earning money and acquiring property, despite the ever-growing competition and population is possible for individuals from diverse sects in India.

Fast-forwarding to future, we are now living in an age when investing in properties isn’t just a status symbol but a necessity to safeguard your money amidst the uncertain market circumstances. Post-Corona, we are living in an economy that might take years to pick up the pace of development and get back on its feet. Amidst all this, safeguarding assets is crucial and doing so by investing in property; both residential & commercial is deemed lucrative.

As per the experts, in the coming years, property prices in both rural and urban settlements are bound to inflate and investing today can be a money-spinning decision. Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages of investing in residential real estate and why buying a home in mass housing projects is a great idea.

Home + Investment

You can put your money in a fixed deposit but can you live in it? You cannot live inside a mutual fund; you need a home to live and this is where real estate strikes the bargain. Buying a home is by far not just the most important investment in your life but a pretty safe one too because even if the property rates decline in the coming years, you will have a roof over your head. All the rental expenses that have sucked the life out of your bank account can be avoided if you have your own home.

The Rental Edge

Today, a lot of homebuyers looking for 2 BHK, 3 BHK or apartments of bigger sizes in mass housing projects invest to rent out the property. Great location, connectivity, and greenery of projects like Purvanchal Royal City fetch a good amount as rent; thus, becoming an investment that guarantees great returns. Renting out a property at Greater Noida and many other developing urban extensions is a wise decision, helping homeowners in managing even the home loan instalments.

There are many other factors that are sure to compel you to make the move to your next home but it is advised to consider every aspect of the investment before putting in your hard-earned money.